Long Kenya Wildlife Safaris Tour Holidays

Experience Long Kenya Wildlife Safaris Tour holidays, and vacations in the birthplace of the safari. Long Kenya Wildlife Tour and excursions include the Big Five, the country’s breathtaking natural beauty, and cultural tours. Acacia Safari also combines the main attractions of Kenya, the attractions of Tanzania, the tropical beaches of the coast of Mombasa, and the sandy beaches of Zanzibar. Your Long Kenya Wildlife Safaris Tour to-do list includes the beautiful Masai Mara National Park, Samburu, the great wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara National Park, and the incredible and unforgettable view of Kilimanjaro. Get to know the diverse and beautiful cultures of Kenya, including the Maasai people in the villages, and get a taste of Africa, India, and Europe in a melting pot of Swahili cultures.

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Great Wildebeest Migration Excursion in Kenya

Kenya’s main attraction is the mass migration of wildebeest, with millions of wildebeest migrating annually from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, mixed with zebras. Depending on when you plan your Long Kenya Wildlife Safaris Tour vacation, you may witness a life-or-death struggle along the Mara River crossings or a dramatic adventure in the open plains with Africa’s best predators.

Long Kenya Wildlife Safaris can easily be combined with Tanzania tours, Rwanda safaris, and Uganda safaris. This simply means that you can add a gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda to your Long Kenya Wildlife Safaris Tour adventure. Acacia’s Long Kenya Wildlife Safaris offers a wide range of safari ideas as well as beach holiday trips to Mombasa. This allows you to experience the magical serene beauty, wildlife, and birdlife of Kenya almost all in a Long Kenya Wildlife Tour package.

Safari, Kenya offers a special vacation for all travelers from all over the world. From safaris in Kenya that offer adventurous moments for families, friends, couples, and solo travelers, to honeymoons and special romantic holidays. From small groups to student group tours to senior group tours, Kenya on safari. Whatever type of traveler you are in Africa, a Long Kenya Wildlife Safaris Tour vacation has everything you need in your travel bucket at any time of the year.