Why Visit Rwanda for Safari? | Best Rwanda Safari Packages for 2023

Known for its rare mountain gorillas to Visit the Rwanda gorilla safari. Rwanda is home to some of the most thrilling safari activities. About 400 primates roam the rainforest of the Volcanoes National Park and 10 groups can be traced.

But this small country has a lot to offer. Known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills“, Rwanda is rich in beautiful Rwandan safari mountains, valleys, and lakes, with a fascinating capital, abundant wildlife, and resilient and generous people.

Why Visit Rwanda

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tour

Here are 10 reasons Why Visit Rwanda on a Safari.

1. Trek Some of the Thousand Hills – Rwanda Mountain Climbing Safari

Rwanda has some great tours if you prefer two feet over two wheels. Nyungwe Forest has a vast network of trails that stretch for more than 130 kilometers and last from 2 to 4 days. In Volcanoes National Park, head to Mount Bisoke, with a beautiful volcanic lake on top, or try a two-day trek to Mount Karisimbi, Rwanda’s highest peak at 4,507 meters. Pay attention to the cold and altitude.

2. Kicking the Sand on the Shores of Lake Kivu

The landlocked country of Rwanda’s answer to its shores is the shores of Lake Kivu. It is the sixth largest lake in Africa and stretches 90 kilometers along the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and features beautiful reflections of hills covered in a mixture of bright green crops and clay-colored earth. Karongi is the most beautiful city on the lake. Take a boat to Napoleon Island to see flying foxes or the Rubab for water sports and great beach bars.

3. Walks to the Capital of Residents

The capital of Rwanda Kigali is almost clean with a shiny shopping center, a modern coffee, and a shiny office block. The oldest and most lively area of the Lanvo tournament was collected by a local female center, market, Mary Imy Umgeni, and local food champions for a real African atmosphere. It supports the Centre’s activities in the field of education and empowerment.

4. Inspired by the Rebirth of the Earth

Aside from the gorillas, Rwanda is notorious for the horrific genocide that devastated the country in 1994. About one million people, mostly Tutsis, were killed by the Hutu majority during that time.

There are few ethnic divisions today. We are all Rwandans and the grace and fortitude of those who have overcome this tragedy are astounding. Visit the Rwanda – Kigali Genocide Memorial in the capital to understand the story behind the horror. A wonderfully peaceful paradise with a fragrant rose garden that represents unity and reconciliation.

5. Swing the Tallest Canopy on the East Africa Walk – Chimpanzee Tracking Safari Rwanda

The beautiful Yogi Snipe Trail in Nyungwe Forest National Park includes the Uwinka Lookout, a suspension bridge that rises 50 meters above the rainforest.

If you dare to look down, you’ll only see trees that filter like giant cauliflowers and the fantastic ferns from which the trail gets its name. All you hear is the chirping of birds, waterfalls in the distance, and the occasional croaking of monkeys in the forest below.

Why Visit Rwanda

Canopy Walk in Nyungwe Forest

6. Visit Rwanda to Taste the Dodo (Vegetarian)

Traditional Rwandan food is a little less adventurous. Meat (especially goat) is usually served in the form of skewers, fish is often sardines or small tilapia, and the main ingredient is ugali. This is a porridge-like paste made from cassava flour. But vegetarians are ready to be enjoyed: Matek (fried green bananas), Ibiza (cooked pumpkin with beans), roasted sweet potato, vegetable stew, garlic spinach topped with peanuts, and chili. Try the dodo, a dish similar to

7. Spotting the Big Five on a safari – Wildlife Safaris Rwanda

Managed by the African Parks conservation organization since 2010, Akagera’s once impoverished wildlife is now thriving. Elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, and many antelopes are easy to spot, while lions (they moved here in 2015) and leopards are more elusive. Rhinos will also be introduced soon, making the 1,120-square-mile reserve a Big Five destination. Akagera, one of Africa’s most beautiful national parks, is worth a visit regardless of the wildlife in Rwanda, lakes, and sedge swamps to vast savannah plains and green and golden plateaus.

8. Fascinating Monkey Mania

Rwanda is a paradise for primates. Nyungwe Forest alone is home to 13 extraordinary species. Follow the gray-cheeked mangabey or colobus monkeys that look like old hippies with long legs and white beards.

The chimpanzees are hunted and abandon their nests in the Siamudongo forest. The cutest and most playful golden monkeys roam the bamboo forests of Volcanoes National Park with their reddish gold cloaks and adorable expressive faces.

9. For A Great Introduction

Traditional Rwandan dances are fun. Historically, they were made for the Mwami (king) of Rwanda and tell the story of a warrior who successfully returned from battle. The ground positively touches the ground with passion and energy as the dancers jump on the drums and sing.

The women look modest in their traditional colorful dresses, while the men wear high headdresses of white grass. Visit Rwanda to adventure the King’s Palace Museum in Nyanza or the SACOLA Cultural Center in Kinigi to see the amazing exhibits.

10. Ride with Team Rwanda – Rwanda Cycling Safari

Avid cyclists will enjoy this unique opportunity to race alongside members of the Rwandan national team. Take a half-day training tour from our base in Musanze using a high-quality road bike or mountain bike to teach you how and experience different terrains along the way. You can also take a multi-day guided tour with a team member. But you have to be healthy. Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills given that it has many hills, this is another reason why you should visit Rwanda for a safari.

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