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Great Wildebeest Migration – Kenya and Tanzania Safaris Step into a real-world nature documentary about Tanzania’s Great Wildebeest Migration on Kenya Tanzania safaris! From July to October, your African Acacia guide excitedly points to a dust cloud that is billowing above the horizon as you traverse the vast Serengeti National Park landscape. As your anticipation grows, your gaze remains fixed. What stunning scene awaits during the great migration of wildebeest? You feel a slight trembling on the ground as your safari vehicle gets closer to the location of the aerial disturbance. The enormous forms of wildebeest migration begin to suddenly emerge from the dust. The plains are roaring with a jumble of hooves, gray-black fur, white beards, tails, and short manes. Flashes of black and white indicate the presence of zebras as you pass the herd.

Great Wildebeest Migration

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You can see a seemingly endless number of the same creatures grazing on shades of emerald-green grasses as they move in the same direction. The Mara River is a distinctive landmark that emerges just beyond a hill crest as your guide cautiously approaches the animals. Your guide takes you to a spectacular vantage point from which you can see the Mara River in the distance. You can feel the energy in the air. In anticipation, dozens of wildebeest migrants stand on a ledge just above the river, stomping, and grunting. You look at the river as you consider their hesitation. Even the strongest wildebeest migration faces a perilous challenge as the enormous volume of water rushes by. You also see a few sneaky animals, like ferocious crocodiles trolling the water in anticipation of their prey’s arrival.

How Does Wildebeest Migration Occur?

You are aware that time is drawing near because the wildebeest migration is becoming more restless. The first gun stumbles down the ledge suddenly and without warning, its body twisted and contorted. It makes one last desperate jump before hitting the muddy Mara River water. The animal begins its solo journey across the river with wide, panicked eyes. The swirling river is transformed into a frenzy of splashing water, drowning calves, battling prey, and ferocious predators like crocodiles, as thousands of additional wildebeest migration, follow in an onslaught of movement.

Great Wildebeest Migration

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There are hundreds of bodies in the river that were too weak or slow to cross, and huge vultures begin to eat them at the banks. However, when you observe a mother assisting her exhausted calf up the slick slope on the other side of the river, you are filled with joy. On their never-ending journey to Tanzania’s richest grazing grounds, the wildebeest herd vanished into the distance as quickly as the crossing began.

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