Why Travel with Acacia Safaris?

We are perfectionists and have shared our love of adventure for the past 20 years. I don’t think you can experience the country from a bus window, or from the tourist safari you read about on Lonely Planet. Sure, we’ll put a few picnics and places on our “to-do” list, but we’re all “off the beaten path” for the cultures and people that make a destination or travel experience so special. Check out the different reasons why you should travel with acacia safaris for memorable Africa discovery tours.

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Why Travel with Acacia Safaris?

Why Travel With Acacia Safaris?

  • Our Guides and Adventure Planners.
  • We Are with You Every Step of The Way
  • World-Class Safety Standards.
  • Selected Local Standard Accommodations
  • Food Is Part of The Adventure.
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Physical Aspect.
  • We Return
  • Our Guests Love Us.
  • Our Acacia Safaris Guarantee.

Below are the 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Acacia Safaris?

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Why Travel with Acacia Safaris?

1. Our Guides and Adventure Planners

We are often asked, “Why should I travel with Acacia safaris instead of planning the trip on my own?” And our excellent guides are the main reason – it’s the story of when you travel with us. Good-natured, friendly, energetic, and caring people will guide you.

Our guides will entertain you and ensure that all aspects of your trip are safe, fun, and full of lasting memories. Imagine coming face to face with the highest mountain in the world.

If you’ve already traveled with us, you don’t have to explain the difference a good guide makes in building that special friendship. Acacia safaris’ guides are well-known and very experienced. If this is your first safari guide in Africa, you will receive real treatment.

2. We Are with You Every Step of The Way

Traveling can be stressful. Airlines, baggage, flights, timetables, confirmations, continuous list. We want to make sure your friends care about the adventures you have with us.

Unlike most tour companies, we have a dedicated customer support team who will provide you with all the help you need on your trip, from booking to meeting your group (and being on time!).

Before you participate and leave, we can even help you with your plan! We are proud of the resurrection of the house, relaxation, and what we have achieved, and we are treating accurate attacks.

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Why Travel with Acacia Safaris?
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Murchison Falls Safaris

3. World-Class Safety Standards

When exploring the wilderness, safety is always a priority and has a perfect record. Our guides are extensively trained and certified in outdoor first aid, and food safety and have extensive bespoke guide training.

Our guides have full driving licenses with the approval of our passengers. In addition, our support team is always available at our office. One more reason to travel with a professional.

4. Selected Local Standard Accommodations

We like biking, hiking, kayaking, boating, and safaris to visit exciting places, but I also like services. Our days end with hot showers, clean rooms, and delicious food. We also have rest days where you can spend the whole day reading or shopping.

Above all, we strive to exceed your expectations and will do everything possible to make this holiday the best you have ever had. Finding a place to stay in a travel hotspot can be very difficult when the peak season begins.

Traveling with us we have booked all our travel seats years in advance We know you won’t be disappointed if you can’t get to stay in this perfect place!

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Why Travel with Acacia Safaris?
Why Travel with Acacia Safaris?
Why Travel with Acacia Safaris?

5. Food Is Part of The Adventure

Food is an important part of the journey. Having the right fuel for an active holiday is very important. We strive to provide high-quality, fresh, and local ingredients for every meal. Whether it’s a country house, a remote inn, or a small town, we’ve mastered popular recipes and picked our favorite restaurants. You will be the envy of the other cottage guests if you choose to join our night excursion.

Forget dry and canned foods and instead enjoy a restaurant-quality hot dinner and, of course, a delicious dessert to top it off. If you are on a diet, don’t worry. We cater to almost every dietary need: our guides are experts in preparing meals for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, dairy, etc. And if you like it (or not!), Please let us know in advance. Communicate your message to your guide.

6. No Hidden Costs

Another reason to travel with us instead of planning and joining a trip is the cost. I think our trip is a good deal. Considering all the costs involved in running an all-inclusive trip, you would think so. As you can see there are no hidden costs and everything is included. All of this information is displayed on your itinerary, so no guesswork is needed.

This means you don’t have to limit yourself to two cups of tea a day for your main or main dish and dessert. Other tour operators charge something like a cheap rate, but that’s only for ground transportation, guides, and accommodation. We think about all the little things. This is the journey of a lifetime and we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations!

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Why Travel with Acacia Safaris?

7. We Return

We connect the points between the hiking trails and often pass small traditional villages and choose to stay overnight to introduce our guests to the local lifestyle. Adventure tours would not be possible without taking the time to recognize and support our small community.

After all, it’s communities like this that make our travels special and unique. We also support some large charities! During peak periods, we also do some tours of East Africa, planning our nutritional needs for “military evolution”.

While you are there, a little more remains at the end of your journey.

8. Our Guests Love Us

You may have already discovered many reviews on our website, but here are a few. “Uganda is a fantastic country to visit: beautiful nature, wildlife, and very welcoming people! We were two families from Vienna, Austria. After contacting 15 local organizations, we decided to organize our private safari with Acacia. And it was the right decision! The fast, clear communication was convincing. The price-performance ratio was just right. Wonderful guides Gerald & Moses! We learned so much from them! Amazing organization manager Sharon! All three of them went above and beyond to make our safari adventure unforgettable. They listened to our needs, answered all the questions, and provided a service of such high quality. Every special adventure on our wish list was perfectly organized, e.g., horseback riding; school visits, and the trail at Rwenzori, overnight in tents. Some highlights were the first nights at Eagles Nest; the giraffes at the National Park Mburo; Lake Bunyonyi; Golden Monkey Tracking; mountain bike tour at Lake Kivu with Marcel; sunset at Nyundo Lake; elephants in Queen Elizabeth National Park; village-swamp-tour with Timothy and the cultural performance in Kampala. The Gorilla Tracking in the Bwindi-Impenetrable National Park was challenging but touching. Gerald and Moses made every day special for us and we enjoyed it to be on tour with two jeeps! We will keep them, our experiences, and the people in our hearts forever! Thank you for providing us with such a unique adventure – Uganda is the “Pearl of Africa”!”

Why Travel with Acacia Safaris?
Why Travel with Acacia Safaris?

9. Physical Aspect

Our trips can be physically and mentally challenging, especially on gorilla trekking tours. That said, our tours are for people who understand that small challenges can bring big rewards. You may not be an athlete or have never embarked on a serious journey.

10. Our Acacia Safaris Guarantee

If your plans change or you decide to travel to a different destination, you can rebook your flight up to the departure date or request a refund up to 90 days from the original flight start date (lower deposit).