Tanzania Travel Tips | Guide to Tanzania Travel Advice

Tanzania travel tips are from Acacia Safaris Uganda. Acacia safaris Africa tour experts are based in Africa and have extensive first-hand knowledge of the destinations they recommend. They give you tips on planning a Tanzania safari, choosing activities, and money management.

Acacia Safari’s experts live in Africa, love quality travel, and have extensive first-hand knowledge of the destinations they recommend. They regularly inspect new homes, experiences, and businesses to ensure this offering meets customer expectations.

Tanzania safari Travel planning tips

  1. Plan your time carefully: If you want to see wildebeest migrations on your safari or enjoy the best beach weather in Zanzibar. Make sure your itinerary matches your travel needs.
  2. Book early in peak season: Well-located campsites in popular Tanzania safari destinations and wildebeest migration hotspots are booked in advance, often a year.
  3. Select an activity: Morning game engines and standard safari categories in the afternoon. But for travel engines such as night gaming engines, bush with guides, and hot air balloons only in specific areas or fields.
  4. 4. Expect more visitors in peak season. Tanzania’s majestic parks such as Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire can attract many visitors from June to October. If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy a good game, consider visiting during the off-season or green season.
  5. Get some privacy: If you want some privacy, go to one of Tanzania’s private reserves. The accommodation is good, wildlife spotting is just as good as the big parks, sometimes extra safari activities are offered.

Money And Expenses – Tanzania Travel Tips

The currency in Tanzania is the Tanzanian shilling, but our advice is to use only US dollars – and cash. Credit cards and traveler’s checks (although they are accepted in most branches) incur transaction costs. ATMs are found in major cities in Tanzania, but not in national parks or nature reserves.

Note: Tanzania does not accept US dollar banknotes printed before 2006. It is customary to tip hostel staff and drivers/guides for good service while on safaris in Tanzania. But check first if a service charge has been added to the bill.

Tips are always added to the price set by the operator. The amount depends on the size of the group. The luxury of the safari, and whether a great job has been done. When traveling within Tanzania’s cities, a 10% gratuity is customary at restaurants and bars unless a service charge is included.

Read our blog for step-by-step tips on tipping, or ask our Acacia Safaris Africa trekking experts for advice.

What To Pack? – Tanzania Travel Tips

Light casual clothing is useful when preparing for a safari tour in Tanzania. Neutral colors and a warm jacket for evening safaris are a safe choice all year round. When visiting Zanzibar, women in major cities are required to dress modestly out of respect for Islamic cultural beliefs. Off-shoulder shirts, long skirts, and caps are generally better choices than off-the-shoulder shirts and shorts. Swimwear and swimwear are acceptable on beaches and resorts.

Etiquette – Tanzania Travel Tips

Religious beliefs are strong in Tanzania, where Christianity and Islam predominate. Most Muslims live on the coast and Zanzibar. Visitors should be aware of the conservative nature of these destinations, particularly Stone Town, and dress and behave accordingly.

Tanzanians are known to be friendly and harmonious people, but it is wise to ask for permission before photographing.

Flights and Transport Around Tanzania

Major International Airports

Kilimanjaro International Airport, Tanzania’s second-largest international airport, serves Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire, and Lake Manyara. However, charter flights to these safari destinations require a transfer to the nearby Arusha airport. International flights often arrive at Kilimanjaro Airport in the middle of the night. So, an overnight stay in Arusha is usually required.

Dar el Salaam International Airport, Tanzania’s main airport, is the gateway to the Indian Ocean coast and Zanzibar. Nyerere (formerly Selous) National Park, and Ruha National Park. local airport

Arusha Airport, the gateway to safaris in northern Tanzania, is approximately 30 kilometers (18.5 miles) from Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Did you know that you can book flights with Acacia Safari Uganda? For more information and frequently asked questions.

Safari Car – Tanzania Travel Tips

Guided road trips and leisure tours in Tanzania are done in enclosed SUVs with large windows and hoods. While visitors to destinations like Mahale can enjoy boat rides on Lake Tanganyika. Most safari destinations have an extensive road network, so enclosed vehicles are the norm for long-haul travel between Tanzania’s airstrips. Enclosed SUVs usually have three rows of seats and a sunroof that can be raised to watch the game or take photos.

Visa And Passport Requirements

Almost all visitors to Tanzania require a visa. You should contact the relevant issuing authorities in good time (ideally months in advance) to confirm entry requirements for Tanzania. And to arrange the necessary permits and visas.

All passengers entering Tanzania through Kilimanjaro International Airport are strongly advised to apply for a visa online from Tanzania Immigration before arriving in Tanzania. It can take 2-3 weeks to issue an e-Visa. Visitors to Tanzania must have a passport that is valid for six months from the date of the first trip.

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