All You Need to Know About Kenya

About Kenya’s History And Economy

Britain’s independence in 1963 ushered in a new chapter for Kenya. But the East African nation has a human history that dates back to prehistoric times.

Located in the heart of the region where modern humans first emerged some 150,000 years ago. Kenya’s history has been shaped not only by indigenous ethnic groups and African immigrants but also by European and Arab merchants, missionaries, and settlers. Jomo Kenyatta was the first leader of an independent postcolonial Kenya, and Harambe’s rallying cry for reconciliation has become a unified national icon.

Today, Kenya has the largest and most advanced economy in East Africa. Agriculture accounts for 75% of the workforce. While the tourism-dominated service sector accounts for around two-thirds of Kenya’s GDP.

People And Culture

Most of Kenya’s youth population is made up of many ethnic groups, including the famous Maasai. Nearly 75% of Kenyans are under 30 years of age. English and Swahili are the official languages ​​(the locals are very welcoming if you try to speak Swahili!). And most Kenyans consider themselves Christian. About 10% of the population is Muslim and lives mainly on the Indian Ocean coast in Kenya.

About Kenya Landscape And Wildlife

Along the equator, Kenya is dominated by the Rift Valley. An elevated region of lakes, hills, and mountains rises from a 6,000-kilometer-long fissure in the earth’s crust. The warm, rolling grasslands of the Central Rift Valley, are home to a wide variety of wildlife. Which separates the flat coastal plain from the lush shores of Lake Victoria. And are among Kenya’s most famous parks and reserves. The warm, dry land of northern Kenya is home to wild parks and a wide variety of wildlife. While the Indian Ocean coast is home to long sandy beaches, coral reefs, and tropical islands.

Best known for wildebeest migration through the ecosystems of the Masai Mara and Serengeti. Kenya’s ban on hunting, as well as private and community conservation initiatives, have helped protect one of Africa’s most important megafauna groups. There are a good number of Big Five, predators and game in the lowlands, and a series of bird species. So, it’s no surprise that many Kenyan theme parks offer some of the easiest games to catch in Africa.

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