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Acacia Safaris Uganda offers tailor-made school trips, group tours, and student group Tours arrangements for experienced students, teachers, lecturers, and group leaders. One of Acacia Safaris’ destination specialists will personally tailor-make your next tour to your exact requirements.

Groups by air, bus, or safari cars from 15 to 50 + persons Touring the Pearl of Africa – Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and or Tanzania east Africa travel destinations. A great choice of budget and middle-class hotels and Lodges, transfers by road, meal arrangements, guided sightseeing student group tours, and excursions in Africa.

Student Group Tours

Uganda Adventure Trail

Want to Adventure in East Africa as a Group, Do it with Acacia Safaris

So you’re thinking of adventuring around the world? Good call. Sure, there’s no right way to do it. But there is “your way.” Want days filled with culture, followed by nights of just going with the flow? Do it with Acacia Safaris. Want to go where the entire planet hasn’t already been, with free time to explore how you want? Make it happen with Acacia Safaris. Want to travel far and wide with new friends from far-off places? You do you. Because in your life, you call the shots. Make sure you travel that way, too.

Going on Acacia student group tours to Africa means traveling with people (22 or fewer, if you want to get precise) from all over the world. So, on top of learning about the local culture in Africa, you’ll also learn from the international crew that you will travel with.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves:

Student group tours & travel is a safer way to see our world. Plus, our expert CEOs (Chief Experience Officers) have the local knowledge you can count on as they lead you on your adventures in Africa.

Seeing the world shouldn’t require spending all your savings. With Acacia Safaris Uganda, you’ll get the travel experience of a lifetime, plus a good bang for your buck.

We built our student group tour itineraries to feature a lot of free time, giving you the freedom to explore on your own, with your new crew, or in whatever way suits your style.

Like balance in your life? We can help. Our East Africa tours give you a healthy dose of culture, wildlife, mountain gorillas, primates, birds, and mountain climbing during the day, before letting you get a taste of local bars and restaurants as the sun goes down.

Student Group Tours

Why Visit Uganda?

Adventure in East Africa with Student Group Tours

Student group tours are an amazing way to Adventure in East Africa and with Acacia Safaris’ exclusive discounts and deals for students and young people you can experience the best East Africa travel destinations and African adventure tours for the best prices.

This isn’t eco-tourism; it’s eco-heroism.

East Africa’s natural world is in trouble, and it’s easy to feel helpless, hopeless, and powerless to save it. But taking action, especially with Student Group Tours can help transform that despair into empowerment. And the scientists who are on the front lines in the fight to rescue our planet from threats like climatic changes, pollution, deforestation, and habitat loss, need your help.